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3374 Winton Rd, Rochester, New York 14623
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Help Preserve a Kinship Placement
High Urgency Request
I am seeking help for a family of 4 adults and 11 children. This is a kinship placement of 8 children with their grandfather, with an aunt who then moved in with her three children to help out. The children range in age from 3-14. The family needs a washing machine, as the one they currently have has stopped working. Can you imagine the laundry they must do in a week?!? The family is also seeking to move. If anyone has any leads on a home for sale or rent that can accommodate a family of this size, please let us know. There are resources in place for payment, we just need to find a place big enough. Thank you!
Location: Rochester, NY 14609 - County: Monroe - Children Served: 11 - Adults Served: 4 - Agency: #NY-Monroe County Child & Family Services - Tier 1: Physical Needs - Estimated Value: $700
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Needs 1 Need / $700 to go!
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