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Children are home with their mother. she is a single parent and is currently expecting another child. She has one child that is incarcerated in a juvenile facility and the other three are residing with her. She just recently moved out of the city and wants what is best for her children. CPS is involved to ensure that she continues to keep the children safe while in her care. Updated on August 02, 2020 by Alicia Darcangelis (Agency Worker)
Need was not fully fulfilled. Family is still in need of clothing for the older children. thank you!
Location: Monroe County, New York 14450 - Children Served: 3 - Adults Served: 1 - Agency: #NY-Monroe County Child & Family Services - Tier 1 : Physical Needs - Estimated Value: $350
This request is closed (time has passed and no longer relevant)
Needs $350 to go!
neutral baby clothes; size 0-3; 3-6;6-9 months
baby socks
baby hats
baby swing
baby hygiene products
infant car seat
baby blankets/swaddle blankets
baby gates
5t girl clothes; socks and underware
8 year clothes; size 7/8 pants/shorts; shirts; socks and underwear
2t to 3t boy clothes; socks;
size 4-5 diapers/ potty training diapers
5 year old girls shoes- sandals and sneakers
8 year old shoes- sandals and sneakers
size 5 c boy shoes and sandals
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Lyness: I have a bassinet that is in really good condition. I have a 2 month old boy. Does the mother know what she’s having because I might have more stuff as far as clothing.
Glory House International. 2 months ago


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