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Place Bridge Academy (PBA) is a refugee school in the Denver Public School district located at 7125 Cherry Creek North Drive, Denver, CO 80224. We have over 850 students in ECE through 8th grade. The school is a designated Newcomer center. Only 15% of our students come to us with English as their primary language. Our students and families come from 50 different countries and speak 65 different languages. Additionally, 96% of our families qualify for free and reduced lunch. We are in the process of making our school lobby more welcoming as such would highly request your assistance in accomplishing our goal. We want to be able to teach our families how to register their children for school while providing a safe and comfortable environment. Being a refugee school, and with the majority of our families qualifying for free and reduced lunch, we do not have a functioning parent body/group that would contribute to funding needs. Consequently, we would appreciate your support in helping us redo our lobby to make our families feel at home, comfortable and welcomed in their children's school. The links below are pictures and cost of the coffee cart and the floor protectors we are requesting.
Location: Denver, CO 80224 - County: Denver - Children Served: 50 - Adults Served: 50 - Agency: #Place Bridge Academy - Tier 1: Physical Needs - Estimated Value: $105
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Sarah Michael: The Oaks Church would love to provide these storage drawers.
The Oaks Church. 1 year ago
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Plastic Storage Drawers
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