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Request #71208 created 3 months ago
Help Improve a Child's Well-being
High Urgency Request
"C" is an 11-year-old boy who has just begun sixth grade. He was removed from his home as a result of his father's physical abuse. His mother is currently residing in a shelter and attempting to secure housing in order to reunite with her "C". lives with his uncle and struggles academically in the reading and language arts areas. He has been matched with both an in-person and virtual tutor to help him increase his grades. The Need: "C" has access to a computer at school, but is not permitted to bring it home. He requires a laptop for home use in order to complete school tasks and continue with his tutoring. Having a laptop to use while not in school will help 'C' achieve academic success and be much better prepared for school
Location: Lake Worth, FL 33461 - County: Palm Beach - Children Served: 1 - Agency: #ChildNet, Inc. - Tier 1 : Physical Needs - Estimated Value: $360
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EVELYN: Donating the $360.00 for their LAPTOP or purchasing it myself and sending it to him and more items if I had more info. clothes or any other item . Please respond.... Thank you
Community Responder. 3 months ago
Terry: We have a new laptop that how does barely been used that we can donate. just let us know if a similar need arises.
Community Responder. 2 months ago
Needs $0 to go!
Laptop Computer
1 Item(s) Met in full!

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