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We have a single local foster mom who has been providing emergency respite/placement for teens in need that would otherwise be spending nights in the office. She has opened up her home for well over 20 kiddos since she has been fostering and has been spending her own money to buy clothing and toiletries for teens that usually only have one set of clothing and often times even shoes that don't even fit. She will often take the children to Walmart to buy the children the essential items they need and can take with them while going home to home until permanent homes can be found. The foster mom and children would benefit greatly from any sort of donations such as Walmart/Walgreens gift cards so she can buy these teens clothing and essential toiletry items they need and can take with them.
Location: Tulsa, OK 74137 - County: Tulsa - Children Served: 25 - Adults Served: 1 - Agency: #Oklahoma Human Services - Tier 1: Physical Needs - Estimated Value: $200
This request is closed (church/careportal network responded and met the need)
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Kay Lynn: Walmart gift card
Life.Church South Broken Arrow. 1 year ago
Needs 1 Need / $100 to go!
Walmart / Walgreens gift cards
$100 out of $200 still needed

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