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Help Reunify a Bio Family
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DCS is requesting a donation of 2 couches and a dining table with 6 chairs for a bio mother to reunify with her children. this mother has 8 children and could use the assistance for these items. the children will begin a trial home visits next week but the homes doesn’t currently have couches or a table. Thank you!
Location: Indianapolis, IN 46205 - County: Marion - Children Served: 8 - Adults Served: 1 - Agency: #IN- Indiana DCS - Tier 1: Physical Needs - Estimated Value: $890
This request is closed (partially met by church/careportal network)
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Michelle: LU Safeties can provide funding for these items.
Liberty University Flames Football. 2 months ago
Madison: There are resources made available from the community. We are taking the lead and working out the details.
Ruah Church, Community Lead Church. 1 month ago
Needs 1 Need / $325 to go!
1 out of 2 items still needed
Kitchen Table with Chairs
1 Item(s) Met in full!

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