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The caregiver just became a licensed foster home. They took placement of a sibling group of three children in which one of the children require a car seat. The caregivers need a car seat with a 3 point harness to fit a four year old child.
Location: Lake Butler, FL 32054 - County: Union - Children Served: 1 - Agency: #Partnership For Strong Families - Tier 1: Physical Needs - Estimated Value: $65
This request is closed (non careportal resources came to meet the need)
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Jerrod: Homechurch West is going to fund this request. Please let us know how best to get this to the caregiver.
Community Responder. 1 month ago
Jerrod: There are resources made available from the community. We are taking the lead and working out the details. We are waiting on the funds to be moved to our careportal fund and then we can make arrangements to deliver the items. This is a bit past the 24 urgent request time frame. Please reach out to us with any additional info we may need to know.
HomeChurch, Community Lead Church. 1 month ago
Needs 1 Need / $65 to go!
Booster Car Seat with Back
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