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The mom on this case provides care for her 3 boys ages 6, 9 and 13. She also provides care for her elderly mother. Her 9-year-old son is a type 1 diabetic whose blood sugars are extremely difficult to regulate. Her 9-year-old son has been hospitalized 3 times this year. The mother is struggling financially to make ends meet. She is need of beds for her boys and additional furniture.
Location: San Antonio, TX 78238 - County: Bexar - Children Served: 3 - Adults Served: 1 - Agency: #TX-CPS - Tier 1: Physical Needs - Estimated Value: $835
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Laurie : Is anyone able to help meet this need for this family?
Medical Center Baptist Church, Community Lead Church. 3 months ago
Jackie: i have some boy toys to give. Where should i take them?
University United Methodist Church. 3 months ago
An Anonymous Responder: fund items
Decapolis. 2 months ago
Jackie: I still have the toys. Jackie
University United Methodist Church. 2 months ago
Jackie: I have put together a team of friends to help assemble the bunkbeds that the Woodland church has purchased from Ikea. Please let me know when this can happen. It will have to assembled in the home. My team is available on Saturdays.
University United Methodist Church. 1 month ago
Needs 3 Needs / $835 to go!
Bunk Bed Frame (Twin / Twin)
1 out of 1 items still needed
Kitchen Table with Chairs
1 out of 1 items still needed
Bed Frame (Full)
1 out of 1 items still needed

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