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Help Reunify a Bio Family
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A family is currently residing in a home that has no electric and no water. The father is currently working, but they are unable to keep up with the utilities due to his hours being cut. The mother recently had a newborn so she is unable to work at this time. This young couple has continued to put money towards the bill, but they have limited income and this has caused their bill to become past due and the utilities are currently shut off. This family has been resourceful, but the utilities are needed to reunify the children in the home. The utilities needed to be paid are the water, electric, and gas. The electric and water is currently shut off, but the gas is currently on so the family can have heat. Any amount would be appreciated.
Location: Cushing, OK 74023 - County: Payne - Children Served: 2 - Adults Served: 2 - Agency: #Oklahoma Human Services - Tier 1: Physical Needs - Estimated Value: $1300
This request is closed (partially met by church/careportal network)
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Pam: We could give 250.00 if that would help?
Agra First Baptist Church. 10 months ago
Carmella: Agra Baptist Church can only donate $250 to this need. We are hoping that others will be able to assist this family in restoring their electricity and water as well.
Agra First Baptist Church, Community Lead Church. 9 months ago
Needs 0 Needs / $0 to go!
Utility Bill Assistance
$1300 Met in full!

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