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Hello Community Supporters! We are holding our annual Kinship/Foster Parent Appreciation Celebration in June 2023! Kinship families are unique in that they take placement of children on an emergency basis who they have a prior relationship with in order to prevent children from being placed in the foster-care system. Placing children with family or friends often reduces the trauma children go through when separated from parents and it strengthens the natural familial and community supports they already have in place. Families do this with little to no ongoing financial support, yet they make it work everyday for these precious children. Foster families are such a need in this community and they open their homes to children with no where else to go. These families selflessly get licensed knowing the need in our community. They have to complete a rigorous process to open their home and cooperate with several agencies and the court system as well as be an advocate for the foster child in their home. If the community didn't have foster parents, more children would be in DHS offices without placement. Showing our appreciation will ensure we can maintain these vital resources in child welfare and hopefully encourage others to help in ways they are able and advocate for children with DHS involvement. The Kinship/Foster Care Unit is hoping to be able to provide gift cards to each family at the event in the amount of $50 for grocery stores, Walmart or Target, or other locations in tow
Location: Colorado Springs, CO 80924 - County: El Paso - Children Served: 15 - Adults Served: 15 - Agency: #CO- El Paso County DHS - Tier 1: Physical Needs - Estimated Value: $50
This request is closed (church/careportal network responded and met the need)
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Mountain Springs: We can help with this request!
Mountain Springs Church. 2 months ago
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