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Grandmother with Cerebral Palsy has custody of 3 children ages 4-14. Grandma's disability hinders her and limits her mobility. Grandmother recently has seen cockroaches in the home. This is a continuing infestation that has not been eradicated using roach gels. We are requesting extermination and prevention. Again, because of grandma's limited mobility, assistance with this process will also be very helpful! Once the issue is taken care of, the children will feel safer in their environment and live more cleanly without these health hazards. *When researching costs, we saw a price range $175 - $275. The home made need more than one application. Thank you Updated on June 30, 2023 by an Agency Worker
Closed. Thank you!
Location: Brocton, NY 14716 - County: Chautauqua - Children Served: 3 - Adults Served: 1 - Agency: #Chautauqua County Department of Mental Hygiene and Social Services - Tier 1: Physical Needs - Estimated Value: $350
This request is closed (church/careportal network responded and met the need)
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James: Harvest Chapel can cover the cost of this expense, please contact ****** to make arrangements for payment
Community Responder. 4 months ago
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$350 Met in full!

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