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Help Strengthen a Bio Family
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There is a family that have four children four and under that have been having issues with housing and the current residence where they live. They need cleaning supplies to improve their residence so the family can stay together.
Location: Saint Joseph, MO 64505 - County: Buchanan - Children Served: 4 - Adults Served: 3 - Agency: #MO- DSS - Tier 1: Physical Needs - Estimated Value: $50
This request is closed (church/careportal network responded and met the need)
3 Responses
Stephanie: Faith Walkers Outreach would love to help this family by funding this need.
Faith Walkers Outreach. 4 months ago
Tonya: There are resources made available from the community. We are taking the lead and working out the details.
Wyatt Park Christian Church, Community Lead Church. 3 months ago
Tonya: Thank you for your help!
Wyatt Park Christian Church. 3 months ago
Needs 0 Needs / $0 to go!
Cleaning Supplies (see description details)
1 Item(s) Met in full!

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