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Foster Source regularly receives requests for non-certified kinship caregivers in need of safety items. Non-certified kin can become certified and receive much needed financial assistance just like traditional foster parents. One of the requirements for certification are safety items - 5lb fire extinguishers, cabinet locks/outlet covers, medicine lock boxes, and carbon monoxide & smoke detectors. We could use your help in getting these items so that when families make the request, we have them on hand to distribute in a timely fashion. If you are able to provide any of these items (in any quantity), they can be delivered to our office within the Adams County Human Services Building (Westminster) or we can arrange a pick up. Thank you for helping us with this frequent and urgent need!
Location: Aurora, CO 80015 - County: Arapahoe - Children Served: 10 - Adults Served: 10 - Agency: #Foster Source - Tier 1: Physical Needs - Estimated Value: $1250
No Responses
Needs 5 Needs / $1250 to go!
Carbon Monoxide Detector
10 out of 10 items still needed
Fire Extinguisher
10 out of 10 items still needed
Medical Lock Box
10 out of 10 items still needed
Smoke Detector
10 out of 10 items still needed
Child-Proofing Items (see description details)
10 out of 10 items still needed

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