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A 34 year old single mother of one 3yr old daughter is in need of assistance. This mother has been unable to find stable employment due to lack of reliable transportation and not having a license. Since the mother does not have any income to pay for the DMV re-instatement fee online or in-person, which is approximately $145, she has been unable to obtain her license. With the mother not having reliable transportation and being unemployed, this creates a barrier in the child's quality of life. If the mother is able to obtain her license, she will be able to have her vehicle repaired and ultimately be able to provide transportation for her daughter to attend preschool, obtain clothing from local clothes closets for her daughter, take her daughter to educational events, take her daughter to required medical appointments, and so on. Please help improve this mother and daughter's quality of life. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!
Location: Lexington, VA 24450 - County: Lexington City - Children Served: 1 - Adults Served: 1 - Agency: #Rockbridge Area Health Center - Tier 1: Physical Needs - Estimated Value: $145
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Russetta: Funds
Community Responder. 5 months ago
Kristen: $100.00 is in the Timber Ridge Portal that can be used to feel this need.
Timber Ridge Old Stone Presbyterian. 4 months ago
Rhonda: Timber Ridge met with this person, took them to the DMV, and attempted to assist her in paying for her reinstatement fee. This was unable to be accomplished as evidently there are additional requirements beyond this fee she needs to meet before license can be reinstated.
Grace Presbyterian Church. 2 months ago
Needs 1 Need / $9 to go!
Driver's License
$9 out of $145 still needed

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