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Family of 7 is lacking transportation to and from medical appointments, work, and a grocery store. They live out in the country so a bus pass will not be sufficient. They just bought a car and do not have enough to pay sales tax to get it registered. We are estimating sales tax and registration to be $150. The family is also struggling with mice in their home. We are seeking a card with $150 for sales tax and registration as well as a few mice traps. Thank you.
Location: Saint Joseph, MO 64503 - County: Buchanan - Children Served: 3 - Adults Served: 4 - Agency: #MO- DSS - Tier 1: Physical Needs - Estimated Value: $165
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Needs 2 Needs / $165 to go!
Card for sales tax and registration
$150 out of $150 still needed
2x mouse traps
1 out of 1 items still needed

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