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Help Strengthen a Bio Family
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I am currently working with a family in which there is a single mother raising a 12 year old male child. The father to the child recently had a massive heart attack and has passed away unexpectedly. The mother has had to take time off from work to take care of things. She has now received a cut off notice on her electric bill. The mother is trying to hold things together for her and her child.
Location: Bedford, VA 24523 - County: Bedford - Children Served: 1 - Adults Served: 1 - Agency: #VA-Bedford County DSS - Tier 1: Physical Needs - Estimated Value: $263
This request is closed (church/careportal network responded and met the need)
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Andrew: funded
Community Responder. 2 months ago
Melissa: There are resources made available from the community. We are taking the lead and working out the details.
Word Of Life Evangelical, Community Lead Church. 2 months ago
Melissa: This need has been fulfilled. Thanks to Andrew for making this possible.
Word Of Life Evangelical. 2 months ago
Needs 0 Needs / $0 to go!
Utility Bill Assistance
$263 Met in full!

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