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I have been working with a family for quite some time. The maternal grandmother stepped in to prevent her two grandsons from entering foster care after her daughter unexpectedly had another child in November. Since then, the grandmother has had two boys in her small one bedroom apartment with her. She is looking for some assistance with back to school clothes and supplies for her older grandson as well as clothing for the younger. The boys wear- 10/12 shirts and pants. Boys size 4 shoe 3T and size 7 shoes for Toddlers
Location: Jamestown, NY 14701 - County: Chautauqua - Children Served: 2 - Adults Served: 1 - Agency: #Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services - Tier 1: Physical Needs - Estimated Value: $92
This request is closed (church/careportal network responded and met the need)
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Kim: Please call me.
Westfield First Baptist Church. 6 months ago
Kim: We can provide the school supplies and backpack. We will also provide some clothing from our Kids’ Closet.
Westfield First Baptist Church. 5 months ago
Kim: We can provide the backpack, school supplies and some clothing for both children.
Westfield First Baptist Church. 5 months ago
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School Backpack
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1 Item(s) Met in full!

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